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dPi Consulting is a human resources consultant, who focus on people development. Having 2 foremost products, DiSC and V Genius Fingerprint Test, we provide service to corporate or schools and adults or children.
As partner of Capelle Consulting (singapore), we have priviledge to promote, distribute and resell the psychometric tools offered for sale by INSCAPE PUBLISHING, INC. based in Minneapolis-USA. It is the leading provider of instrument-based learning systems, which pioneered the original DiSC learning instrument over three decades ago. Since 1985, OTi has been appointed byInscape Publishing as the exclusive distributor of their products in Asia.
Our V Genius Fingerprint Test is the first fingerprint test product in Indonesia, and has been validated by using psychometric test. We do our own research, using almost 2000 people. The research indicates that our V Genius Fingerprint Test is VALID and RELIABLE. Supporting by professional and qualified counselor, we compliment our service with one on one consultation to our valued customer.


Building total product values, by serving premium clients, optimizing the value of human capital and transforming global knowledge to local market.



  1. Providing quality products and services at great value for our customers
  2. Helping people find better understanding of themselves by providing valid and reliable tools to improve their work processes and business results.
  3. Providing the finest personal service for our guests through knowledge, creativity, consultation and dedication of our consultants and staff that lead to superior results for better improvement
  4. In order to transform global knowledge to our clients, we provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.



Starting with friendship and trust each others, we set up dPi Consulting. Through an “enjoyable learning process”, enthusiasm, hard work and fun, currently dPi Consulting has a solid team, respect each other and value differences. It helps us to provide great value of services to our clients.

  1. Adhia Resvita
  2. Natalina Triwan
  3. Keny Adelina
  4. Ayu S Sadewo
  5. Edi S Pambudi