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Profiling Solution

To assist you to make the right decision, dPi Consulting offers a Profiling Solution. It looks at the entire psychological make-up of individuals to better inform your personnel decisions.
Our batteries include intelligence tests, personality and attitude inventories. The result of our batteries is also supported by a thorough interview. Our validity and our ability to predict high potential candidates are unsurpassed due to this unique approach.
Profiling Solution will help you to recruit, assess and mapping employee.


Training Solution

We offer a range of training events specifically aimed at providing the soft skills that people need in the workplace. These facilitated programs are usually 1-3 days in length and are delivered as in-company or out-company training where delegates are free to learn and experience the DiSC approaches.
The format, program content and duration can always be tailored to meet the organizational needs. All of the programs include a combination of games and activities that engage participants. With the focus being on “enjoyable learning”, we keep them interacting with each other and with the content.
Some of our previous programs that have been designed and delivered include:
DiSC Personal Effectiveness – Successful personal relationships often depend on “getting off on the right foot”. Being able to quickly recognize a person’s behavioral style and interact appropriately are critical to this process. This program shows you how to recognize different behavior patterns, and develop adaptive skills that increase your ability to communicate successfully with others.
EDAL (Everything DiSC* Application Library) Sales and Customer Service – is a special designed training for salesperson and customer service. The basis for this improved connection is an understanding of the DiSC learning model, a simple, proven, intuitive way to gain insight into ourselves and our relationship. Every customer has his/her own style and preferences to be approached. Therefore, not only about product knowledge, salesperson and customer service also have to learn how to approach people. This program will equip you and your salespeople to understand and to apply the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior model in your sales / customer service team.
EDAL (Everything DiSC* Application Library) Management – People respect leaders, and the inspiration they generate. Managerial relationships often depend on “getting off on the right foot”. Despite the trend in today’s business setting, one key success factor remains constant: leadership. Unlocking the leadership potential of your employees will drive your company to leadership in its industry. This program helps you adapting your managerial style.


Consulting Solution

We consult with companies to help them deal with a variety of human resources issues. These issues include recruitment, personal and team development, career planning and development, performance management, organization diagnosis and development, and other issues within human resources management and development.
As the core of our approach is DiSC concept, our human resources specialist and corporate psychologist offer DiSC concept in designing and delivering approaches to identify measure and develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to deliver the business objectives.


Individual Consultation

Our individual consultation is given after taking fingerprint test. It takes approximately 1 hour for 1 person. For special need children, we provide parents with special psychologist who deal with special need children.