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Psychometric tools may be utilized for almost every aspect of life and work. Trainers, consultants, HR practitioners, educators and managers all over the world use these instruments for Innovation, Training Systems, Assessments, Coaching and Counseling, Teambuilding, Sales and Customer Service, Change Management, Leadership, Mentoring and Recruitment.

DiSC – Personal Profile System *

The DiSC Personal Profile System (PPS) is a personality behavioral profiling using a 4 dimensional model of normal behavior in an inventory format. Providing nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral styles, the DiSC PPS helps people improve interpersonal relationships across four primary dimensions: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Why using our DiSC ?

– Scientific (view research report)
– Quick and Reliable
– Have been validated in Asia (view research report)

V Genius Fingerprint Test


Why V Genius Fingerprint Test?


  • Scientific
  • Quick and Reliable
  • Has been validated in INDONESIA !! using almost 2000 people. We are using Cronbach’s Alpha (Anastasi & Urbina, 1997:97) for reliability analysis, and the score is 0,870. According to Nunnaly (1978), minimum requirement for reliability is 0.70. Thus, the reliability of V Genius Fingerprint is good.

What is fingerprint test?

is an easy way to identify your inborn talents. Through extensive research by using statistics, dermatoglyphics scientist Charlotte Wolff (1897-1986) has proven that fingerprints have direct relationship with how our brain functions. Specifically, ridge line on each fingertip corresponds to different parts of our brain.

What are measured by Fingerprint Test?

Fingerprint Test measures potential learning power, sequential of multiple intelligence, learning Style, etc.

Who can go for the test?

From 1 year old child to the elderly, anyone can take the test.

How long do I need to do the test?

This test requires 2 phases, which the first phase only takes 15 – 30 minutes for scanning your fingerprints.
And the second phase is about giving individual consultation, which usually takes approximately one hour.

How long does it take before I get the results?

The process of analyzing the fingerprints take anywhere from 5 days up to ten days.

Can my fingerprints change ?

No, fingerprints begin to form during the 13th week of pregnancy until it becomes permanent during the 21st week. Fingerprints do not change over our lifetime.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of fingerprint analysis:
– Knowing our own or our child’s hidden potential
– Knowing how we learn and the fastest way we learn
– Recognize our strengths and weaknesses
– Life planning guide – choosing the right subjects or course of study
– Career guidance for college graduates –

What is dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics (from Greek words derma = “skin”, glyph = “carving”) is the scientific study of epidermal or skin ridges. All primates have ridged skin, and it can also be found on the paws of certain mammals and on the tails of some monkey species. In humans, these ridges appears on fingers, palms, toes, and soles. Applications of dermatoglyphics lie mostly in anthropology and genetic studies for over 300 years. However, developments during the last 20 years have enabled us to have very accurate insight into how our brain works. Many countries have now applied this science to education, psychology and personal development.

What does the fingerprint test mean to parents and educators?

Fingerprints are our genetic blueprint. It defines character, inborn potential, differences in our multiple intelligence, learning style and other psychological aspects. Uncovering a child’s inborn potential will allow parents/educators to better educate a child, understand them better, increase their learning speed, overcome weaknesses and plan for their future.

Does each finger represent a specific ability/intelligence?

Yes and no. Each finger corresponds to different parts of our brain. Although certain parts of our brain is responsible for a specific ability, our brain usually functions by utilizing different parts simultaneously.

What happens if someone has an incomplete set of fingers? How accurate would the analysis be?

In such case either the report will be less accurate or the analysis is not possible at all.



Khalisa (7 tahun)
Khalisa took fingerprint test several years ago. Her strengths are in naturalist, verbal linguistic and musical intelligence. These results confirm my observation. She likes animal, especially cats and dogs. She takes care of them very well. Although basically we don’t speak Mandarin and English at home, her pronunciation for both languages, are very good. Now, she is speaking English with her grandmother. It shows her good verbal intelligence. Aside from naturalist and verbal intelligence, musical intelligence is also considered as her strength. She is good in singing and playing drum. The fingerprint test result really confirms my observation as her parents. Now, I feel more confidence and will develop her strengths properly (Khalisa’s mom, 35 years old)
Alex (5 tahun)
Alex is good in talking and respond quickly to the conversation. He is easily mingle to a new group, even with adults. I am wondering with this age, Alex is able to remember others habit and hobbies. After taking fingerprint test, Alex is good in verbal and interpersonal intelligence. No wonder he can respond quickly to the conversation. He is also always gets 100 for spelling test. Meanwhile his interpersonal intelligence enables him to have empathy to others. This result helps me in raising and developing him. (Alex’s mom, 35 years old)